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Drug Seeking Behavior Comments Are Stigmatizing Chronic Pain Patients

Last year I recorded a Video Blog titled Stop Calling It Drug Seeking Behavior that has generated a lot of interest and comments. This past weekend I had another inquiry and call for help from someone who was on receiving end of this horrible stigma and it led me to re-posting this Video Blog below and re-introducing this topic on the remainder of this Freedom From Suffering NOW Blog. Please view my original Video Blog below and then read the remainder of this post.

Information Tools and Tips for Migraine Chronic Pain Management

This past week I’ve experienced two migraine episodes and one was triggered by emotional stressors the other by my allergies. I decided it has been a long time since I’ve blogged about this topic and this time I wanted to include information that I hope you find useful. Please watch my Video Blog below and then read the remainder of my post.

Surviving & Thriving During The Holidays With Chronic Pain – A Prevention Approach

I know this time of year can be especially challenging for people living with chronic pain as the Holidays are upon us. It’s even more difficult when a person is in recovery from any addictive disorder including prescription medication addiction. I just recorded a short Video Blog that you can see below on this topic and then read the remainder of this post to have a better Holiday Season.

Dr. Grinstead On The Importance Of Becoming A Stress Buster

In today’s busy world it’s very important for everyone to incorporate effective stress management tools into our daily living, but especially for those experiencing problems with health or other life problems. Watch my Video Blog below on the importance of becoming a “Stress Buster” and then read the remainder of this post.


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