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The Addiction Pain Syndrome™ — The Synergistic Impact when Chronic Pain and Addiction Meet

I’ve been working with people with chronic pain and coexisting problems, including addiction, since 1984. I have found this to be both very challenging and very rewarding. When I started working with Terry Gorski he mentored me and encouraged me to develop the Addiction-Free Pain Management® System. My first challenge was to educate others in what I had been doing well for the past decade. Please check out my Video Blog below and then read the remainder of my post on the synergistic impact of chronic pain and addiction.


Dr. Grinstead On A Powerful Triple Threat - Chronic Pain, Addiction And Trauma

Since 1984 I’ve worked with many chronic pain patients who also were experiencing an addictive disorder and an unresolved trauma history. It takes an integrated multidisciplinary approach to obtain a favorable treatment outcome. Please watch my Video Blog below and then read the remainder of this post. Please share this information with people who can benefit.


Mismanaged Pain Medication Can Sabotage Chronic Pain Management

There is quite a bit of confusion and mislabeling of people on long-term use of pain medication. Many patients are identified as “addicts” when they really are not. To learn more please check out my Video Blog below and then read the remainder of my post.


March 3rd, 2014 - Dr. Grinstead On Laurel Ridge Treatment Center In San Antonio Texas

Today I want to share my amazing trip to San Antonio Texas earlier this week. Laurel Ridge is a psychiatric hospital offering a comprehensive continuum of behavioral healthcare services, including acute programs for children, adolescents and adults, and residential treatment for children and adolescents. Please check out my video below and then read the remainder of my post.

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