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All About Medication Management for Chronic Pain Management

An important part of developing an effective pain management plan is obtaining an accurate understanding of what effective pain management really means. Please watch My Video Blog and then read the remainder of this post.

It’s Over-the-Counter It Must Be Safe. Right? - Wrong!

With so much attention to all the news about prescription drug problems one serious problem has gone unnoticed. For example a lot has been printed about the danger of OxyContin and how it kills people—however; I have not seen one report that anyone died who was taking OxyContin as prescribed. Please watch my Video Blog and then read the remainder of this post.

March 10 – Dr. Grinstead On Release of Zohydro by the FDA

This month the FDA plans to release Zhydro (“Super Hydrocodone”) despite their own advisory committee recommending not approving this medication. Last month on our News/Research Post titled “Should More Be Done To Protect People From Opioid Overdose Deaths?” where you can learn more. And now we have a new powerful opiate that could potentially worsen this problem. Please check out my video and then read the remainder of my post.

February 7th - Avoid the Quick Fix Trap for Chronic Pain Management

When you live with chronic pain it can become very frustrating when you aren’t getting the pain relief you want. I know that when I experience a pain flare up my first reaction is I want it to stop—now! Many of the pain medications were developed for acute pain conditions. Unfortunately, it can soon become very problematic when you use an acute pain plan on a chronic pain problem. Please watch my video below and hear some of my personal thoughts and then read the remainder of this post for some crucial information on the Quick Fix Trap.

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