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Walking the Tight Rope of Pain Webcast – Three Part Series

Walking the Tight Rope of Pain Webcast – Three Part Series- Instant Access

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It can be very challenging to accurately assess, intervene upon and develop appropriate treatment plans for people suffering from chronic pain and coexisting disorders including addiction. That’s why a major focus of this 3-Part Walking The Tightrope of Pain Management and Addiction™ Webcast centers on identification and effective intervention and treatment planning for prescription drug abuse in chronic pain patients. I will take you through the process of identifying the most common red flags of prescription drug abuse, as well as the obstacles that lead patients to avoid recognizing and/or dealing with their ineffective pain management strategies that often result in prescription drug abuse and/or addiction.

Since chronic pain includes both physiological and psychological pain symptoms, you will also learn how to differentiate between the two types of symptoms; how effective implementation of a multidisciplinary and integrated pain management approach can increase positive treatment outcomes; and what components are necessary to treat the synergistic symptoms of pain and addiction. This specialized treatment plan includes medication management, emotional and/or psychological symptom management, and non-pharmacological pain management interventions. Positive treatment outcomes are possible when you teach your clients how to manage their pain and coexisting disorders using a synergistic approach with the Addiction-Free Pain Management® multidisciplinary treatment system.

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