Freedom From Suffering with Dr. Steven Grinstead

Freedom From Suffering – A Journey of Hope E-Book

Freedom From Suffering – A Journey of Hope E-book is intended for those living with chronic pain that are ready and willing to learn valuable skills to better manage their chronic pain condition, and as a result, decrease their suffering, improve their quality of life, and achieve long-abandoned cherished goals.

Price: $19.95

The ideas in this book have also proved helpful for friends and family members of people living with chronic pain and for healthcare providers who are working with them on their journey.

The steps in this e-book will ask the suffering person to examine their personal relationship with their pain, and the way they are currently managing it, and take an honest look at their medication management plan. The more proactive the person is, the more they can effectively manage their pain.

Dr. Grinstead has been using these steps with his patients for years, as well as training other healthcare professionals on how to more effectively help people who are living with chronic pain. Because of his own recent pain flair-ups, he has had an opportunity to apply a fresh understanding of these pain management tools, which made it even easier to explain them to others and detail them in this e-book.

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