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Freedom From Suffering - eWorkbook

I developed this E-Workbook Freedom from Suffering A: Journey of Hope: Seven Strategic Steps for Effective Pain Management to be used as either a stand-alone process or a companion to the Freedom From Suffering: A Journey of Hope paperback book or E-Book.

Price: $14.95

During the years I was researching and conceptualizing the Freedom from Suffering: A Journey of Hope book, I was also dealing with my own chronic pain condition. I started the writing process due to a series of acute pain flare ups that kept me in bed many mornings, unable to work or participate in normal activities; it had been over 20 years since I felt this kind of intense pain.

In the chapters of this E-Workbook will share with you the seven steps that helped me, and the thousands of patients I’ve worked with over the years, to manage our chronic pain and improve the quality of our lives. You will discover how these strategic steps work and most importantly, how to use them to address your own chronic pain condition. Because of my recent pain flare ups I had an opportunity to apply a fresh understanding of these pain management tools, which made it even easier to explain and detail them for you to use on your chronic pain journey.

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