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The Anticipatory Pain Reaction Can Sabotage Chronic Pain Management

I believe that of the most common factors in someone sabotaging their chronic management plan is what I call Anticipatory Pain. It can actually lead to someone amplifying their pain symptoms to a point of suffering. Please watch my Video Blog and then read the remainder of this post.

Defining And Understanding Chronic Pain – Knowledge Is Power

It has been my experience that in order to solve a problem we must first fully understand not only the problem but also what it takes to move into the solution. When I help my patients develop their chronic pain management plans one of the very first steps is making sure they understand what their pain is all about—what it is trying to tell them. Please watch my Video Blog and then read on to learn all about pain.

Dr. Grinstead On The Role of Diet And Nutrition In Chronic Pain Management

After meeting with two different pain patients this week I once again got to see how important the role of diet and nutrition is to more effective chronic pain management. One patient had been experiencing several years of gastrointestinal problems and serious constipation—it is important to note that he was not on opiates so this constipation was diet/food related. Please watch my Video Blog below and then read the remainder of this post.

Why Do People Abuse Pain Medication

So why do people end up abusing their pain medication? In my opinion one end of the spectrum is under-treated pain, especially when we’re talking about chronic pain. For some of the chronic pain patients I have worked with, either they or their doctors were too afraid to prescribe opiate medication—opioid-phobia—or they wouldn’t prescribe a high enough dose. Please check out my Video Blog and then read the remainder of my post.

The Role Of Treating Grief And Loss In Chronic Pain Management

I believe that to develop an effective pain management plan one of the most difficult and crucial, emotional issues that must be resolved is the grief and loss of your health and/or prior level of functioning. Obtaining support to work through a painful grieving process improves your chances of a successful treatment outcome with chronic pain. Please check out my Video Blog below and then read the remainder of my post.

Do You Believe That Effective Chronic Pain Management Is A Right And A Responsibility

I’m talking about this topic today because I’ve seen too many people not getting the kind of help that they need and deserve. Sometimes it’s because they just don’t know they are having a problem that can be helped. At other times they are limited because of access to appropriate help in their area. And at other times it’s because they are not willing to be active participants in their own pain management process. Please watch my Video Blog below and then read the remainder of this post.

Learning To Resolve The Chronic Pain Trance

I’ve been living with my own chronic pain for over three decades and there were times in the first few years where I fell into a deep dark place of despair and hopelessness—the chronic pain trance. People living with chronic pain sometimes develop an automatic and unconscious way of coping with chronic pain that I call the chronic pain trance. Please watch my Video Blog below and then read the remainder of this post.

Utilizing Nonpharmacological – Holistic Treatment Interventions

Today I want to discuss active and passive treatment approaches and what some people call nonpharmacological treatment methods or what others might refer to as Holistic interventions. The term nonpharmacological simply means non-medication or non-medical procedures. Please watch my Video Blog and then read the remainder of this post.

Dr. Grinstead On Seven Stress Reduction Tips To Improve Pain Management

Since I live with chronic pain when I notice my stress levels go up the first thing I need to do instead of overreacting and amplifying my pain is to use a simple five step process—Pause, Relax, Reflect, Decide and Do. The “Decide” and “Do” part is listed below in the seven strategic stress management tools. You can learn more about this process by checking out my Video Blog and then read the remainder of this post.

Drug Seeking Behavior Comments Are Stigmatizing Chronic Pain Patients

Last year I recorded a Video Blog titled Stop Calling It Drug Seeking Behavior that has generated a lot of interest and comments. This past weekend I had another inquiry and call for help from someone who was on receiving end of this horrible stigma and it led me to re-posting this Video Blog below and re-introducing this topic on the remainder of this Freedom From Suffering NOW Blog. Please view my original Video Blog below and then read the remainder of this post.

Information Tools and Tips for Migraine Chronic Pain Management

This past week I’ve experienced two migraine episodes and one was triggered by emotional stressors the other by my allergies. I decided it has been a long time since I’ve blogged about this topic and this time I wanted to include information that I hope you find useful. Please watch my Video Blog below and then read the remainder of my post.

Surviving & Thriving During The Holidays With Chronic Pain – A Prevention Approach

I know this time of year can be especially challenging for people living with chronic pain as the Holidays are upon us. It’s even more difficult when a person is in recovery from any addictive disorder including prescription medication addiction. I just recorded a short Video Blog that you can see below on this topic and then read the remainder of this post to have a better Holiday Season.

Dr. Grinstead On The Importance Of Becoming A Stress Buster

In today’s busy world it’s very important for everyone to incorporate effective stress management tools into our daily living, but especially for those experiencing problems with health or other life problems. Watch my Video Blog below on the importance of becoming a “Stress Buster” and then read the remainder of this post.


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