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From Surviving to Thriving with Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is an emotional condition as well as a physical sensation. It is a complex experience that affects thought, mood, and behavior and can lead to isolation, immobility, and sometimes drug dependence or addiction. Many people get stuck suffering or just hanging on and surviving. Check out my video blog below and then read the remainder of this post.

Dr. Grinstead On Looking At The Chronic Pain Trance

People living with chronic pain sometimes get into an automatic and unconscious way of living that I call the chronic pain trance. For some people this means becoming hopeless and helpless and mistakenly believing that their life is over. Others try to cope with their situation by embarking on a quest to find the right pill, while still others try to find someone to rescue or fix them. Please watch my video blog on this topic below and then read the remainder of this post for more information.

June 24 - Dr. Grinstead On Neuropathic Chronic Pain Management

Many people I work with really struggle with neuropathic pain — they are not alone as millions of others also experience this type of pain. I can empathize as I’ve had to deal with neuropathic pain flare ups periodically over the past 32 years and more frequently this past year. This type of pain doesn’t respond to the normal acute or chronic pain medications. It is usually the result of damage to the pain system itself. Please watch my Video Blog below and then read the remainder of my post.

June 10 - The Role Of Self-Hypnosis In Chronic Pain Management

Today I want to discuss a clinical tool that is not often used in chronic pain management—Hypnosis. I also want to discuss the role of using Self-Hypnosis as a component of my own chronic pain management near the end of this post. To learn more about my personal and professional experience with Self-Hypnosis please see my video blog below and then read the remainder of my post on hypnosis in medicine over the past fifty years.

June 4 - Dr. Grinstead On The Bio-Psycho-Social Components of Chronic Pain Management

I believe that to effectively manage a chronic pain condition it is very important to understand exactly what type of pain you are experiencing. When people are in pain they experience both physical and psychological symptoms and social interactions. Please watch my short video and then read the remainder of this post.

May 30th - Dr. Grinstead On Five Stress Reduction Tips To Improve Pain Management

When I notice my stress levels go up the first thing I need to do instead of overreacting is to use a simple five step process—Pause, Relax, Reflect, Decide and Do. You can learn more about this process by checking out my V-Blog below and then read the remainder of this post.

May 27th - The Impact Of Untreated Depression On Chronic Pain Management

First of all, not everyone with chronic pain and depression will need antidepressant medications. However, this class of medication may be indicated for several reasons; one is that many people living with chronic pain disorders become clinically depressed. My Addiction-Free Pain Management® System suggests a full biopsychosocial evaluation to determine the severity of the problem before any medications are prescribed. Please view the video below and then read the remainder of this post.

May 19 - Teaching People To Help People

Dr. Grinstead On The Gorski-CENAPS® Relapse Prevention Certification School

Teaching People to Help People—in 1991 that was the mission statement I developed in order to join Terry Gorski’s Relapse Prevention Faculty. I’ve stuck to that over the years and as a result have helped many people learn how to help many more people. This week I get to spend an entire week with people all over the country learn how to help people avoid the pain of relapsing and eventually going back to using alcohol and other drugs. Check out my video and then read the remainder of the post for more information about this Gorski-CENAPS® Relapse Prevention Certification School in Sacramento California.

May 12th - Effective Chronic Pain Management And A Quick Fix Mentality Don’t Mix

I WANT IT AND I WANT IT NOW!! If you watched any amount of TV the past few years you may have noticed a significant increase in commercials hyping prescription medication to get immediate relief. At the same time prescription drug abuse and addiction is on the rise. We live in a quick fix society so when something goes wrong we look for the fastest way to remedy the situation. Please check out my video below and then read the Problem/Solution remainder of this post.

May 8th - Dr. Grinstead The Role of Drug Testing In Chronic Pain Management Treatment

Many physicians treating patients with chronic pain are afraid of professional sanctions or criminal charges if their patients become addicted. However, pain medication can be prescribed safely to people with severe chronic pain when doctors complete a thorough medical history and physical examination before developing a written treatment plan with diagnostic evidence to support that plan. They also need to conduct a periodic review of the treatment course, paying close attention to patients who are at risk for misusing their medication as well as documenting patient education and medication management contracts/agreements with their patients. Please check out my video and then learn what the American Society of Addiction Medicine has to say about this treatment intervention.

May 1st - Dr. Grinstead On Effective Chronic Pain Management Keeping It Simple Tips

The use of slogans can be a powerful tool when changing attitudes, beliefs and thinking. Many self-help programs use simple but powerful slogans to remind members to keep on track. One slogan I constantly need to remind myself about for chronic pain management is to “Keep it Simple.” I have a tendency to over-analyze most anything and complicate a simple process. Please watch my video below and then read the remainder of my post.

April 29th - Tips for Non-Medication-Based Chronic Pain Management

Many of the people who are sent to me by their pain management providers are only taking medication for their chronic pain management. I believe that effective chronic pain management requires three core areas: (a) Core Clinical Components; (b) Medication Management Planning; and (c) Nonpharmacological Interventions. Today I want to discuss the last one—non-medication based interventions. Please watch my video and then read the remainder of my post.

Dr. Grinstead On How To Use a Pain Scale For More Effective Chronic Pain Management

I believe it is important to be able to accurately rate your level of pain when working with pain management providers so you can communicate effectively. Part of the problem is the ubiquitous use of a 0-10 pain scale. Many people I have worked with over the years have consistently rated their pain at levels 9 or 10 on the 0 to 10 pain scale. Part of this high rating may have been a misunderstanding of the pain scale. Another reason some of my patients would finally confide to me that they rated it so high in order for other people to take them seriously and/or give them something to help them better manage their pain. Please check out my video below and then read the remainder of my post.

For Effective Chronic Pain Management It’s Crucial to Understand and Manage Depression

Depression and chronic pain often occur at the same time for many people. It’s often misdiagnosed because a person living with chronic pain often does not even realize they are depressed so they don’t mention anything to their healthcare providers who often aren’t looking for it. And if people who have depression and chronic pain only define their physical problems as it relates to their chronic pain management condition, the various symptoms related to depression can easily be ignored. Please check out my video below and then continue reading this post.

Dr. Grinstead On The April 2014 Addiction-Free Pain Management® Certification School

My Addiction Free Pain Management® (APM) Certification School is a training designed to teach clinicians the skills needed to successfully work with people with chronic pain and potential or actual addictive disorders. Addictive disorders combined with pain disorders lead to another set of problems called the Addiction-Pain Syndrome™. This syndrome produces an outcome where the combined action is greater in total effect than the sum of the effects. Addiction-Free Pain Management® (APM) is a strategic and systematic clinical training process that successfully addresses this Syndrome™. Please watch my video below about my current April 2014 school that ended on April 12, 2014.


April 8 - Practicing an Attitude of Gratitude for More Effective Chronic Pain Management

In order for me to live life to the fullest and make peace with my own pain, I must continuously strive to maintain an attitude of gratitude. As I age I am grateful for all the experiences I have had and all the knowledge I have acquired. I’m grateful for all the people who give meaning to my life: my wife Ellen, my mother, my friends, colleagues and especially my recovering brothers and sisters. Instead of feeling depressed about all the things I can’t do, I choose to be grateful for all that I can do and everything that is possible.

Please check out my video below and then read the remainder of my blog.

March 26 - Using a Pain Journal for Effective Chronic Pain Management

Today as I was talking with a colleague we were discussing living with our chronic pain and what we found most helpful to avoid suffering. I told him one of my most valuable tools for me when having prolonged pain flare up periods was to get back to pain journaling. I need to use this tool periodically and I teach it to many of my chronic pain patients. I usually give them the directions you’ll see below. Please watch my video and then read the remainder of this post.

March 24 - Spirituality and Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is often misunderstood and undertreated. Inaddition to the biopsychosocial impact a chronic pain condition frequently hason a person, spiritual crisis can accompany the condition as well. Long-term chronic pain is abody-mind-spiritual problem that requires a multifaceted solution.Complementary spiritual practices are necessary components of any effectivechronic pain management plan. Pleasewatch my video below to learn how I used my Spirituality to help overcome mygrief/loss today and then read the remainder of my post.

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