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Welcome to our Webinar page. We believe these presentations offer valuable resources for anyone living with chronic pain, including those with coexisting problems with mental health or addiction. It is also a valuable resource for family and friends or healthcare providers who serve people suffering with chronic pain and need some new approaches.

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How To Identify The Inner Sabetour for Chronic Pain Management

It's All About Freedom From Suffering: 


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We are pricing our webinars below at an introductory rate of $10.00 each, or all five for $40.00, but this offer will not last!

5-Part Webinar Package (SAVE $10!) : $40.00

Save money and gain the whole series of tools we provide in these webinars–tools that will guide you through your journey toward addiction recovery and pain management. Toward Freedom From Suffering!

It's All About The Problem With Medication : $10.00

How reliant are you on your medication? What are the risks and facts surrounding a life surrounding medication? Join me for a revealing and inspiring discussion!

It's All About The Chronic Pain Trance: $10.00

Do you know what the Chronic Pain Trance is? Or how it affects you on a daily basis? Join me for this webinar where we'll discuss how to confront the Trance and how to live a life of TRUE Freedom from Suffering!

It's All About Pain Versus Suffering: $10.00

Do you know the difference between pain and suffering? It's critical, so learn today and begin the journey toward your own FREEDOM!

It's All About Overcoming Stuck Points: $10.00

Are you stuck in your journey toward overcoming pain? Join me in this uplifting and insightful webinar to find out how to OVERCOME your stuck points!

It's All About Developing An Effective Pain Management Plan: $10.00

Gain the core tools and learn the techniques to manage your pain TODAY!


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 Welcome to Freedom From Suffering NOW! Are you ready to be Free from Chronic Pain NOW! We offer a number of resources that we hope you will find valuable on your journey to end your Chronic Pain and suffering!