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Addiction Treatment and Relapse Prevention

As anyone living with addiction knows it can be challenging to ask for help, develop an effective recovery program and then maintain it. Many alcoholics/addicts, as well as their family, experience significant denial about their problem and what it takes to resolve it. To address this, Dr. Grinstead helps patients to identify and manage the self-defeating patterns of denial that set them up for failure.

Dr. Grinstead’s methodologies help patients effectively prevent relapse from occurring, or stop their relapse process once it starts. He uses addiction-focused psychotherapy with people who want to recover from substance or process addictions, including eating addiction, and the use of other self-destructive behaviors.

With over 30 years of experience and expertise in the addiction treatment field, Stephen F. Grinstead, Dr. AD specializes in working with people in recovery from any type of addictive disorder. He has been implementing the Gorski-CENAPS® Relapse Prevention model since 1986. His passion is assisting patients to develop effective relapse prevention plans that stop the cycle of debilitating pain and suffering from addictive disorders on patients and families—it is possible to Stop Suffering NOW.

Dr. Grinstead’s philosophy is one of respect. He believes in treating each patient with dignity, meeting them where they are at and accepting their psychological, cultural, and spiritual values as their reality.

Dr. Grinstead knows that a collaborative approach ensures that people are treated with compassion and respect. He believes that when people are engaged in developing their own treatment plan, they are much more likely to be successful. That is why Dr. Grinstead engages patients on their difficult journey as their coach and guide. He makes sure they are packed and ready.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC#37823), an internationally recognized and Advance Certified expert in relapse prevention for addictive disorders, Dr. Grinstead offers the following:

  • Addiction-Focused Psychotherapy
  • Alcohol/Drug Relapse Prevention
  • Assessment & Treatment Planning
  • Individual, Couples & Family Therapy
  • Managing Resistance and Denial

We also offer phone and video coaching services using Skype. Please contact us for a free 15 minute consultation to see if we can support you either in our Sacramento office or remotely. You can also submit specific questions to us using the form below.

Couples & Family Therapy

When loved ones are in chronic pain and have abuse or addiction problems, it affects the entire family and social system. This is why Dr. Grinstead and his referral partners also provide multidisciplinary support to help family members manage their feelings of frustration, learn how to communicate in healthier ways, and create a more loving supportive family environment.

If you are living with someone suffering with chronic pain and want more information please visit the Family and Friends page.


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Your information is safe with us and we will never rent/sell or SPAM your email address.



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