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Many treatment programs and individual healthcare providers want to know how to offer effective treatment plans to better help their patients who are suffering from chronic pain and prescription medication abuse or addiction. On our site you can investigate the three different areas of service we provide: Training, Consultation, and Coaching. You can discover what thousands of others have done to make use of the effective treatment interventions for chronic pain, mental health or prescription drug abuse or addiction found in Dr. Grinstead’s work.

Dr. Grinstead has worked extensively to refine the chronic pain management methodologies that resulted in agencies and individuals all over the United States and in Canada by either attending Trainings or Consulting to learn how to implement his model within their treatment environment.

Because of Dr. Grinstead's affiliation with Terrence T. Gorski, he also offers Consultation services to help healthcare professionals incorporate the Gorski-CENAPS® Model of Relapse Prevention and Denial Management into their programs.

There are a number of ways we can collaborate: in person; by phone or through video conference on Skype; experiential workshops or trainings; and tele-seminars or webinars.

Training Services

In 1996 Dr. Grinstead began offering training services that were based upon his clinical experience and research in pain management and coexisting disorders including addiction. He conceptualized the Addiction Pain Syndrome™ from which demonstrated that, at best, people were only addressing two thirds of a complex synergistic problem. This led Dr. Grinstead to collaborate with Terence T. Gorski and the Gorski-CENAPS® Corporation to develop the Addiction-Free Pain Management® Treatment System.

The Addiction-Free Pain Management® skills trainings are specifically designed to teach healthcare providers how to deliver effective treatment to their patients who suffer from chronic pain and coexisting disorders, including prescription drug abuse or addiction. Any of the APM™ or CENAPS® trainings can be packaged as a 1 hour Keynote presentation with a brief topic overview; a 3-4 hour conference workshop that covers the topic a little more in-depth; and a 1 day skill training that includes lecture, demonstration, and experiential role-play exercises.

In addition to the above formats, some of the APM™ and CENAPS® trainings can be presented as a Competency Certification format where participants receive advanced clinical skills training. Dr. Grinstead can also customize presentations to meet your requirements or the needs of your agency.

Pain Management

  • Freedom from Suffering: Seven Strategic Steps to Effective Chronic Pain Management
  • Addiction-Free Pain Management® Overview
  • Addiction-Free Pain Management® Certification Training
  • Managing Pain and Coexisting Disorders: Using Addiction-Free Pain Management®
  • Walking the Tightrope of Pain Management and Addiction
  • Denial Management Counseling for Effective Pain Management

Addiction and Relapse Prevention

  • Relapse Prevention Therapy Certification School
  • Relapse Prevention Counseling Certification School
  • Denial Management Counseling Certification School
  • A Day of Relapse Prevention Planning Workshop A: Identifying and Managing Denial
  • A Day of Relapse Prevention Planning Workshop B: Developing a Relapse Prevention Plan
  • Eating Addiction Relapse Prevention Workshop

In addition, Dr. Grinstead will custom design clinical trainings for conferences, agencies and treatment programs. All these services can be delivered live face-to-face, live video conference, or pre-recorded webinars.

Consultation and Coaching Services

Dr. Grinstead also offers individualized consultation for healthcare professionals who want to implement effective chronic pain management plans including the Addiction-Free Pain Management® Treatment System. He supports healthcare professionals to answer the following difficult questions when working with addicted chronic pain patients.

  • What if the traditional medication management doesn't work?
  • What if the patient quickly develops tolerance to their pain medication and requires progressively larger doses to gain relief from the pain?
  • What do you do with patients who consistently abuse their pain medication by using more than prescribed?
  • How can you distinguish the patient who legitimately needs more pain medications over a longer period of time from those patients who are manipulating for more pain medications because they have become addicted to it?
  • How do you approach an addicted patient with a pain disorder who feels helpless and hopeless because they are addicted to their pain medications and can see no way out?

In addition to skills trainings, Dr. Grinstead provides following services to address the unique challenges encountered when agencies or treatment programs are working with patients experiencing mental health, addiction or chronic pain and coexisting disorders including prescription drug abuse or prescription drug addiction.

  • Strategic treatment plans for your patients
  • Medication management contracts
  • Assisting patients to overcome resistance and denial
  • Identifying and clarifying recovery challenges
  • Recovery friendly pain management plans
  • Effective recovery and relapse prevention plans
  • Creating individualized patient education modules
  • Establishing protocols to assist organizations in setting goals
  • Identifying and clarifying treatment challenges
  • Developing strategic plans for improving program effectiveness
  • Approaches to best serve patients experiencing other Coexisting Psychological Disorders

In addition to working with agencies or individual healthcare providers, Dr. Grinstead offers telephone or video-conference assessment and treatment planning services for your patients. He is also accepting referrals of individuals for telephone or video-conference Coaching Services, especially in the area of continuing care treatment.

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