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Many healthcare providers can be as vulnerable as the rest of the population when it comes to developing chronic pain, mental health and/or addiction problems that put their patients at risk. Many are fortunate enough to be enrolled in an alternative program such as Probation or Diversion in order to keep their precious license. Dr. Grinstead has been working with impaired healthcare professionals since 1986, supporting them develop recovery and relapse prevention plans that improve the quality of their lives and allows them to continue working in the profession they love.

Live Workshops

For the past few years Dr. Grinstead has been offering a workshop entitled “A Day of Relapse Prevention Planning” for WE CARE—a wonderful South Bay Area non-profit organization offering low-cost group support to Nurses and other impaired licensed Healthcare Providers who are in a Probation or Diversion Program. This past year he offered these events to the Sacramento area and increased the number of workshops he is offering on addiction, recovery and relapse prevention that are designed to give impaired professional a better chance of quality recovery and successful completion of Probation or Diversion. Check our Events Calendar to see what’s available now.

Consultation and Coaching Services

In addition to live workshops, Dr. Grinstead provides the following services to address the unique challenges encountered when healthcare professionals are experiencing any addiction, mental health or chronic pain and coexisting disorders, including prescription drug abuse or prescription drug addiction.

  • Strategic assessment and treatment planning
  • Helping people overcome resistance and denial
  • Identifying and clarifying recovery challenges
  • Developing recovery friendly pain management plans
  • Developing effective recovery and relapse prevention plans
  • Addiction psychotherapy or coaching
  • Relapse prevention therapy or coaching
  • Couples therapy or coaching 

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Your information is safe with us and we will never rent/sell or SPAM your email address.



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