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APM™ Certified Licensees

The Addiction-Free Pain Management® Center of Excellence Designated Program Licensees

Our mission is to collaborate with treatment providers who are committed to fully implementing the Addiction-Free Pain Management® and Gorski-CENAPS® Developmental Model of Recovery. Our commitment is to recognize, support and assist our APM™ Centers of Excellence (COE) partners reach as many people in need of chronic pain management and relapse prevention as possible and to provide them with Science-Based treatment protocols.

Valley Forge Medical Center Addiction/Pain Program –
Full COE Designation as of June 2009

Since 1973, Valley Forge Medical Center (VFMC) and Hospital has provided comprehensive treatment to adults with substance abuse and associated physical, social, and psychological disorders. Our professional staff provides high-quality treatment services and support to individuals and their families seeking freedom from addiction. VFMC has been using Dr. Grinstead’s APM™ Model since 2007 and in 2009 attained Full Designation as an Addiction-Free Pain Management® Center of Excellence and offers Breakthrough Chronic Pain Management (BCPM) services developed specifically for those patients suffering from co-occurring issues of chronic pain and substance abuse and/or addiction. Valley Forge Medical Center and Hospital is a licensed, general hospital approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs and accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Toll Free - (888) 539-8500.

Endorsement By VFMC’s Director of Psychiatry

"Dr. Grinstead has given an unanticipated 'gift' to our staff: The melting of Staff-Turf disciplines into a cohesive working and interacting 'Total Team!' Over the past few years the 'Team Work' process had deteriorated. The APM training actually became a healing and integrating process. Recent new staff and long term staff melded. The content and the delivery was essentially flawless. Your agency/facility would benefit from involvement with Dr. Grinstead."

Bernard S. Sobel, DO, Director of Psychiatry - Valley Forge Medical Center & Hospital

VFMC’s APM Center of Excellence Success Story

Julie K's Story: When Julie arrived at VFMC she was angry, aggressive, had limited mobility and self-rated her pain an 8 and 9 on a daily basis. Working with her resistance through the APM Denial Management process, she was able to explore the differences between her biological and psychological pain symptoms.

Julie also recognized that her bipolar disorder and mismanaged chronic pain led to self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, therefore increasing her biological pain signals. She made a commitment to change, and began to take things one day at a time. Julie found comfort in peer support, the non-pharmacological interventions she tried and most importantly accepting who she was and what her chronic pain represented to her.

Julie spent approximately 3.5 months in treatment; she worked very well in the structured environment and was able to reduce her level of pain by almost three points. She was open to all methods of managing her pain and especially appreciated the acupuncture services that were provided.

Even as Julie became very close with her peers and the staff, toward the end of treatment she began to anticipate that she would suffer with more pain after she returned home. Upon discharge the staff impressed upon Julie the importance of having structure at home and following her relapse prevention plan.

With little to none positive social support and limited family support, Julie felt abandon. Her first week home she was angry again and frustrated with the life she was living. Eventually she returned to alcohol and started making phone calls to VFMC during the evening hours leaving messages for the staff, with what appeared to be no intention of actually connecting with someone. When she finally did speak to a charge nurse, Julie mentioned she was thinking of hurting herself. The local police were called and Julie was transported to the nearest inpatient psych facility where she stabilized on her medication in only 5 days.

When Julie returned home she began to review her Addiction-free Pain Management books, called to let us know that she was getting better, and began brushing up the coping skills she learned. She told us how grateful she was for everything she learned and finally integrated the knowledge that she does not have to keep hurting herself to get the help she needs. Julie is checking in with VFMC at least once a month now and recently attended a Chronic Pain Anonymous meeting where she met Dr. Grinstead in person. She noted that this was one of the most powerful displays of support that she has ever felt.

Julie continues to manage her pain with hydrotherapy and other non-narcotic medications. She is very optimistic and is verbalizing positive plans for her future.

What other patients of the VFMC Breakthrough Pain Program
had to say:

"I left feeling better than when I was taking narcotics." ...Ken R.

"Valley Forge was a great place to help me realize that I can go on with my disabilities without pain meds. It saved my life." ...Gerard G.

"I thank you for giving me life again. I had been close to the edge. You were my safe refuge through the "gates of delirium;" you gave me hope for a fresh start without depression and full of faith and confidence.” ...David S.

"Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart for making my stay at VFMC the best experience of my life to date. I am looking forward to my next 36 years being great because of my experiences here” ...Ken L.


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