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APM™ Training Testimonials

"The medical model of pain and chronic pain treatment that I learned in residency was only a single tool for me. As a result of the APM training I now have a whole toolbox full of tools to help my chronic pain patients."

Gregory P. Hawkens, MD - Holzer Medical Center, Jackson Ohio

"Dr. Grinstead has produced a clearer vision of the interface between chronic pain and addiction with his program and questionnaire. This will help the clinician confront the chemically dependent pain patient and guide them into a treatment plan which offers hope."

John K. Sturman, MD - St. Jude Chronic Pain Program, California

“I highly recommend this fun and effective training to any addiction professional or mental health professional who works with clients who suffer from chronic pain and addictive disorders. It’s time to stop blaming the victim!”

Marti MacGibbon, Speaker / Author / CADC-II / ACRPS

“Dr. Grinstead brings a wealth of knowledge to the table for those that work with individuals living with addictions and chronic pain. However, the most valuable part I found within the training was his passion and positivity regarding those individuals who continue in their addictive behaviors when in early stages of treatment. His perspectives, that are fresh and functional, will change lives!”

Shedah Hardy, MSW Intern
Twelve Oaks Treatment Center in Navaree, FL

“Dr. Grinstead’s Addiction-Free Pain Management® certification school was such an amazing, eye opening experience. As a clinician who has worked with people suffering from addiction for years, I learned more in this training than I have in any other I’ve taken. It not only shifted my paradigm about how to work with people with chronic pain, but it also was a good reminder about how to best work with my clients in general. Steve and Ellen Grinstead were a great team and put together a nice atmosphere for this training to occur. Thank you!"

Katherine Kincaid, LPC, Clinical Lead
Community Bridges in Mesa, Arizona

“This type of training should be required for pain management providers in the medical field who write prescriptions. Dr. Grinstead’s Knowledge and understanding of addictions and recovery have helped me be a better healthcare provider within the field of pain management, whether or not a patient has a history of addiction."

Marianne Dezelan, Physician Assistant-Certified
Eisenhower Desert Orthopedic Center, Pain Management in Rancho Mirage, CA

“Dr. Grinstead is an exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced practioner. His compassion for helping people is admirable. I have learned valuable skills this weekend and have seen these skills demonstrated in practice. I am confident I will be able to put these tools into practice both personally and professionally. This will not be another training collecting dust on the shelf.”

Lisa Dix, RN
US Cancer Management Corporation in Sacramento, CA


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