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In 1996, building upon my clinical experience and research, I conceptualized the Addiction Pain Syndrome™. To learn more about this syndrome and how it came about, check out my video Freedom from Suffering and the Addiction Pain Syndrome.

About that same time I also began collaborating with Terence T. Gorski and the Gorski-CENAPS® Corporation to develop Addiction-Free Pain Management®. APM™ is based in part on the Gorski-CENAPS® Developmental model of recovery. It also includes the best practice standards reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) along with the leading chronic pain management research.

Mr. Gorski was kind enough to record some comments about our work together. His expertise and commitment to my work with chronic pain and co-existing disorders has been invaluable.

For those of you who may not know Mr. Gorski, he is a pioneer in the development of Relapse Prevention Therapy, who has achieved international acclaim for his work. He is considered a leader and authority in the addiction, behavioral health, social services, and correctional industries for his work in recovery and relapse prevention.

Mr. Gorski is the Founder and President of The CENAPS® Corporation and is currently a lecturing professor and Coordinator of the Addiction Studies Concentration at the Tampa Bay Campus of Springfield College. Mr. Gorski also serves on the Board of Directors of the Florida School of Addiction Studies and Florida NAADAC.

CENAPS® is an acronym for Center of Applied Sciences; it is a training and consultation firm that provides solutions to the problem of relapse by providing advanced training in clinical systems and workforce development. CENAPS® has worked with such distinguished treatment organizations as the Betty Ford Center, Father Martin's Ashley, and the Caron Foundation.

Mr. Gorski's practical approach to recovery and relapse prevention is based on more than forty years of experience as a therapist, supervisor, program administrator, and consultant. He has become a leading authority on the use of science-based models for preventing relapse. His unique approach to treatment system development is biopsychosocial in nature and integrates the use of cognitive, affective, behavioral, family, and community recovery methods.

His greatest talent is his ability to break down complex treatment and recovery processes into clear and simple steps that can be used by professionals working with addicted people in addiction treatment programs, mental health centers, and the criminal justice system.

Please visit the Gorski-CENAPS® Website to learn more about Mr. Gorski and the Gorski-CENAPS® Corporation. To learn about Mr. Gorski’s numerous publications, please visit



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