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Relapse Prevention Therapy Certification Training — 44 CEs (4.4 Contact Hours)

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Dates, Times & Location
November 10, 2014, to November 14, 2014, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
  • Terence T. Gorski &
    Dr. Stephen F. Grinstead
  • Description

    Terence T. Gorski
    Terence T. Gorski

    Developed by Terence T. Gorski and Dr. Stephen F. Grinstead, the Relapse Prevention Therapy Certification training is based on the revised Relapse Prevention Therapy Workbook. This advanced clinical skills training will rank among the most comprehensive and effective that you have ever experienced. You will be challenged to take your current clinical skills and integrate them with new and powerful approaches. Participants will develop comprehensive Relapse Prevention Therapy Plans, for both clients and themselves, for managing core personality and lifestyle problems that can lead to relapse in later recovery after initial stabilization.

    Most of the past students describe it as a major turning point in their professional and personal lives. You will work hard. You will go home tired, but it will be a good tired. You will leave this training better prepared to make a difference in the lives of your patients and their families. Relapse Prevention is a trend that is crucial for the chemical dependency and behavioral health field. RPT helps clients who have failed to recover with other methods. It provides effective approaches to meeting many of the challenges posed by the new era of cost containment.

    After the training you can complete the optional Competency Certification at an additional charge by submitting an RPT Certification Portfolio Package within 120 days of the training.

    NAADAC approved provider #000154, Florida Certification Board provider #5006. CFAAP/CAADAC approved provider #OS-95-329-1215, BRN # -10183, BBS approved provider #PCE-1412. CAADE Provider # CP40 929 C 0514. “The CENAPS Corporation is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. The ACEP solely is responsible for all aspects of the program.”


    Registration Fees

    Upon completion of the training participants will be able:

    1. To learn how to teach our clients about the relationship between personality and relapse.
    2. To learn how to teach clients to review and personalize the standard treatment plan for Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT).
    3. To learn how to use the following clinical processes while completing the RPT Treatment Plan...
      1. Active Listening: To learn how to teach clients to communicate with us by using an active listening process that involves asking a question, listening to the answer, using same word feedback and checking if you heard correctly, and using different word feedback and checking if you understood correctly.
      2. Relaxation Response Training: To learn how to teach clients to recognize when the stress of discussing an issue activates a defensive response, how to call a time out, and how to use a relaxation technique to lower their stress to a point where they stop being defensive.
      3. Bookmarking Hot Issues: To learn how to teach clients to identify and clarify the hot issues that activate stress related defensiveness, to write those issues down, and to detach and continue with the agreed upon course.


    Location Information     Contact Information
    CENAPS Corporation
    2301 SE 17th Street Causeway
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

    Map to Event Location
      Tresa Watson
    (352) 596-8000

    8:00 AM Check-in. Days 11/11-14 from 8:30 to 5:00 PM Eastern Time - Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
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