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Time To Call A Ceasefire On Your War Against Chronic Pain Because, War is Hell!

Being at war with your pain is a no-win proposition. I have also lived with chronic pain for a long time and I still remember when I was at war with my pain and what it cost me. I’m grateful for the people on my journey that helped me see the futility of fighting my pain and I’d like to help you if you need to make peace with your pain. Please watch my video below then read the remainder of this post.

The Chronic Pain Spiral Can Lead To Severe Suffering

People living with chronic pain can sometimes begin a downward spiral when the cascade effect of painful physical symptoms combined with uncomfortable emotion occurs. This is coupled with a negative anticipation effect. People begin to think like a victim; they experience thoughts like “why me” or “poor me” or even “this is must be my punishment.” They start feeling hopeless and helpless, which often leads to grief and depression. Please watch my Video Blog below and then read the remainder of this crucial information.

Understanding The Neuroplasticity Impact On Chronic Pain Management

Many of the people I see who are suffering with chronic pain have been living with their condition for many years. Many times these people have been told there is nothing wrong anymore e.g., the surgery was a complete success, the MRI or X-Rays show no problems. And yet the pain continues. In some instances this may be due to a neuroplasticity effect. Please watch my Video Blog and then read the remainder of this post.

We Must Stop Suffering For More Effective Chronic Pain Management

Because you believe that you’re going to hurt, you can activate your physiological pain system just by thinking about doing something that you believe will cause you to hurt. This is called anticipatory pain. I’ve been living with chronic pain for over three decades and I know for me if I’m not careful this anticipatory reaction can lead to increased perception of pain and eventually suffering. Please watch my Video Blog and then check out the remainder of this post.

Moving Beyond Anticipatory Pain for Effective Chronic Pain Management

If you’re living with a chronic pain condition like I am; you may have noticed that sometimes you are so fearful about conducting basic tasks of daily living that you become immobilized. It can also manifest with overwhelming anxiety, so much so, that you trigger a phenomenon that actually amplifies your perception of pain. We call this Anticipatory Pain. Please watch my Video Blog and then read the remainder of this post.

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