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On this page you can read how other treatment professionals were impacted by Dr. Grinstead’s work. These endorsements are in three categories: (1) Mental health professionals (2) Addiction treatment professionals and (3) Medical professionals including doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

Medical Professionals
(Doctors, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioner etc.)

"Chronic pain patients and their issues are complicated and the margin for effort is huge. Dr. Grinstead’s Addiction-Free Pain Management® training is a must for any practitioner who will be treating chronic pain patients. It borders on malpractice to not get training at the level of quality Dr. Grinstead’s training provides."

Ricardo J. Whyte, MD, Medical Director Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center, Loma Linda CA

"This is the most complete system of effective pain and addiction management that I have trained in during my 30 years of medical practice. It is of great assistance with the population who are some of the most difficult people to treat."

Edward Allen Schlies, MD

"The Addiction-Free Pain Management® Certification School has given me a roadmap for dealing with the patient in pain who is also dealing with addiction. I will be able to take these new skills into my clinical setting."

Kathleen Siders, RN, FNP-C, MSN – Center for Pain Recovery, Houston, Texas

"At first I was reluctant to attend the Addiction-Free Pain Management® (APM) Certification training as my job duties are limited to assisting three psychiatrists, medication refills, assisting with medication groups etc. However, although the material I learned may be challenging to apply; to have this APM program implemented at our facility will be a valuable support and a resource for our patients."

Cindy Loflin, RN – CARES, Sacramento, CA

"I found Dr. Stephen Grinstead’s Addiction-Free Pain Management® skills training to be extremely valuable and fully endorse this program."

Terrie Lynn Evens, RN BHQ, California

"Dr. Grinstead has given an unanticipated 'gift' to our staff: The melting of Staff-Turf disciplines into a cohesive working and interacting 'Total Team!' Over the past few years the 'Team Work' process had deteriorated. The APM training actually became a healing and integrating process. Recent new staff and long term staff melded. The content and the delivery was essentially flawless. Your agency/facility would benefit from involvement with Dr. Grinstead."

Bernard S. Sobel, DO, Director of Psychiatry - Valley Forge Medical Center & Hospital

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"Dr. Grinstead's Addiction-Free Pain Management® (APM) Certification training is enlightening and powerful. Throughout this course Dr. Grinstead helped me better understand the complexity of the addiction process and how it can be related to and further complicated by chronic pain. The knowledge and skills I have obtained are imperative to help me modify and refine my clinical practice and to provide evidence-based care to these vulnerable patients."

Helen N. Turner, Clinical Nurse Specialist - Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR

"This training showed value of using an interdisciplinary approach. It showed the value and use of Nonpharmacological therapies for break-through pain and pain flare ups to reduce opioid use.

Kofi Doonquah, MD - Highland Sleep & Neurology, Eden, NC

"The APM Certification School is beyond anyone's expectations. Any healthcare discipline would benefit from APM because much of the course was centered on life skills and common sense. And then when you least expect it, an entire new area of knowledge was absorbed into your personal tool box. The skills learned were immediately useable due to Dr. Grinstead's teaching skills and ability to impart practical ways to use this new knowledge. Dr. Grinstead takes the integration of theory and practice to a new level with the Addiction-Free Pain Management Certification Training. Step-by-step, he takes you through the collaborative, client-therapist, process of identifying high risk situations, uncovering the core beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that lead to relapse and gives concrete, practical skills to challenge those beliefs. Counselors and therapists will find the assignments serve as useful assessment tools with many opportunities for intervention in a subtle, empathic manner. Clients will appreciate the structured process that includes easily identifiable goals presented in an encouraging down-to-earth manner. This training is invaluable for anyone working with clients suffering from chronic pain--with or without co-morbid addiction issues."

Jill Westley, LPN - Valley Forge Medical Center & Hospital

"The medical model of pain and chronic pain treatment that I learned in residency was only a single tool for me. As a result of the APM training I now have a whole toolbox full of tools to help my chronic pain patients.

Gregory P. Hawkens, MD - Holzer Medical Center, Jackson Ohio

"Excellent, well structured. I left knowing I could use this material and wanted more training. This was most helpful."

M. J. Gregory, MD - Kaiser Bellflower

"I thought I knew most of the pain management techniques available and thought this training would be a more effective way to organize them. Instead I learned new information that is vital to working with this population, yet the training was very practical in terms of using it immediately. Also, Dr. Grinstead was dynamic, knowledgeable and interesting."

Mary Ann Kendro, R.N., MFT - Kaiser Permanente

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"This training--Addiction-Free Pain Management--was an excellent presentation with excellent useful material."

Robert Colcher, M.D. Medical Director - Valley Forge Medical Center & Hospital

"As a nurse, attending a 3 day APM Certification workshop with counselors was so enlightening! We found we can all work together for good in a profound way, one tool at a time."

Robin Turgesen, R.N. - Jackson County Health & Human Services, Medford OR

"This three day APM course presented a clear precise regiment to provide clients with the tools necessary to have addiction free pain management."

Jane Klein, R.N. - Valley Forge Medical Center & Hospital

"I fully endorse this 3 day APM program. It provides the best method I know of to work with pain and addiction."

Nancy Diener, Director of Nursing - Valley Forge Medical Center & Hospital

"The APM Certification School was a very positive learning experience. The step-by-step pace and practical use of the information in the class increased the positive learning experience. I am positive that my newly expanded skills will be valuable in my working with patients and in my community. I encourage anybody working with addiction and pain patients to take this course."

Karalee Brinkerhoff, R.N.- Cedar Mountain Center, Cody Wyoming

"Dr. Grinstead provided an interesting, informative, and eye opening 3 day training and introduction to Addiction-Free Pain Management. Being a person that does not suffer from chronic pain, I saw a different perspective that I have not completely seen. The training was presented in a clear, concise, and understandable format."

Maria Wallent, R.N. - Valley Forge Medical Center & Hospital

"This 3 day APM Certification course has been instrumental in solidifying, in a concrete manner, how to do processing with patients who have addictive disorders and pain management issues. Having extra coursework for (obtaining) certification helps to apply this information directly."

Barbara St. Marie, Nurse Practitioner - Fairview University Pain Management Center

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"Dr. Grinstead has produced a clearer vision of the interface between chronic pain and addiction with his program and questionnaire. This will help the clinician confront the chemically dependent pain patient and guide them into a treatment plan which offers hope."

John K. Sturman, MD - St. Jude Chronic Pain Program

"Clearly this is the missing link. APM provides the tools that the dual (Triple) diagnosis patients need. Before APM--Agony!"

Gary S. Rinzler , MD ASAM - Kaiser Sacramento, Physical Medicine/Rehab

"The model presented in the APM training is useful for any chronic disease management. It presents specific exercises and information that can be used directly with patients to help them achieve healthy behavior change

Laaura Turiano, PA - Options Recovery Services, Berkeley, CA

"Highly Recommended!!!"

Kenneth C. Slater, MD - St. Mary's Hospital

"I would highly recommend this program to other pain management nurses. The process is easy to understand and get your hands around. I think the tools can be implemented immediately."

Kimberly Bell, R.N. - St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers

"I enjoyed the training and endorse the Philosophy of APM"

Christine Lind, RN, BSN, LNC, Health Service Director Hazeldon

"This APM training helped me identify high risk patients. It helped me identify how my own behaviors have hurt the patients. It helps me to be more proactive with patients with chronic pain.

Mary F. Frodermuss, FNP - Curry Co. Health Dept. Geld Beach OR

"This is undoubtedly the most helpful training in the recovery field for a wide range of professionals, from CADAC to M.D."

Jeffrey Reiser, M.D. - Placer County Community Clinic

"The varied methods of making interventions, which promotes collaboration with patients was refreshing. The group work which facilitated networking with other participants was invaluable."

Catherine D. Hummer, RN, Nurse Practitioner, Private Practice Sacramento CA

"Pain Management Specialists need to collaborate with Addiction Specialists and vice versa. This training gives a template by which such collaboration could occur."

James K. Rotchford, M.D, Pain Management, Private Practice

"Dr. Grinstead's presentation on "Managing Pain and Co-Existing Addictive Disorders" using the Addiction-Free Pain Management System, is an effective means of reviewing a complex topic and providing tools to help treat dual diagnosis patients. I strongly recommend this course for pain management physicians."

Holly Sata, MD, Anesthetics and Pain Management, St. Jude Medical Center

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Mental Health Professionals
(Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Marriage Family Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselors, etc)

"Our agency sponsored Dr. Stephen F. Grinstead to conduct a staff training covering denial and resistance management related to substance abuse and domestic violence intervention programs. We found the workshop to be of the highest quality and we were impressed with Stephen's professionalism, organization, and delivery of information. The staff benefited from his extensive experience and expertise. They are still talking about it! I'm confident our staff is better prepared to serve our clients. Thank you Stephen and we look forward to working with you again."

Jodi Harvey, Executive Director, Simply Your Best, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA

"Dr. Grinstead’s genuineness is commendable. It does my heart good to hear someone who really does what he teaches."

Helen Farrish, Clinical Social Worker, Sault Tribe, Sault St. Marie Michigan

"Dr. Grinstead has pioneered a model to bring together the many different disciplines involved in the Addiction-Free Pain Management® system. He is able to do this as a result of both his years of education and research."

Jerry Phillips, LMHC, Upper Room Counseling Center, The Villages, Florida

"I have found this training wonderful, exciting and extremely educational. This is my fourth training with Dr. Grinstead and I will definitely come back for more."

Vernon Holm, Pain Track Coordinator, Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center, Loma Linda CA

"The Addiction-Free Pain Management® Certification School—What an inspiring and insightful learning experience! I can really use these tools!"

Leslie Jones, HIV Early Intervention Case Manager – CARES Program, Austin, Texas

"Pain management is becoming a huge area of concern. The Addiction-Free Pain Management® training will help “you” gain knowledge that can actually be used in practice to help your clients. "

Cory Masuga, Clinical Social Worker, Sault Tribe, Sault St. Marie Michigan

"This The Addiction-Free Pain Management® Certification School has been one of the most informative, practical, helpful workshops I have attended in my 35 years as an addiction and mental health counseling professional. The educational style of Dr. Stephen Grinstead creates both interest and motivation in the participants. An excellent way to add to your skills and knowledge in this field. "

S. Ron Covey, Ph.D., LMFT, SAP – Private Practice, Kingwood, Texas

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"The Addiction-Free Pain Management® Certification School is very focused and concise. Dr. Grinstead’s knowledge, information, and skills are very useful."

Catherine Boswell, Ph.D.– Center for Pain Recovery, Houston Texas

"I was impressed with the Addiction-Free Pain Management® training. It was thorough and provided me with the information that will allow me to effectively support chronic pain patients in a continuing care group setting. The high risk situation mapping and relapse intervention techniques were very helpful."

Leonard, W. Days, MA, LISAC.– ISA, Tempe, Arizona

"With so many people struggling with chronic pain and addiction, it is both refreshing and helpful to have a program (Addiction-Free Pain Management®) that recognizes and addresses the challenges of recovery in such a complete way. This training is thought-provoking and demonstrates how to incorporate useful pain management and relapse prevention tools. APM™ takes the best practice in addiction treatment and expands them to address the unique aspects of treating pain management successfully."

Matt Feehery, CEO – Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery Center, Houston, Texas

"The Addiction-Free Pain Management® training is so valuable that the model and the therapeutic techniques will form the foundation for the new Sierra Tucson Pain Management Program. Dr. Grinstead's humor and charisma make learning the model fun and enjoyable. As a whole, the 3 day training was professionally and personally rewarding for myself and the staff as a whole."

Shari Corbitt, Psy.D.
Exectutive Director, Promises Malibu CA

"This Addiction-Free Pain Management® training provided both basic pain management skills as well as relapse prevention tools. It was a great experience for an entry level therapist."

Caty Cundy, MFTI, California

The trainer, Dr. Stephen F. Grinstead and the Addiction-Free Pain Management® training were both fantastic. It is always exciting to find new solutions to old problems. Finally, there is now hope for the chemically dependent chronic pain patient to have a better quality of life without facing the high risk for relapse. What an excellent opportunity this was.

Gayle Bowman, Licensed Professional Counselor
Army Substance Abuse Program, Fort Meade MD (2008)

As a counseling professional I felt that I understood patients with chronic pain… Until I took the APM® Training I was amazed at the amount of information and skills I gained in areas of denial management, assessing high risk situations, relapse and the importance of prevention planning. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is part of a team caring for chronic pain patients.

Linda Hampton, MA, LPC, LISAC
Unit Therapist, Sierra Tucson Treatment Center (2008)

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This training on Addiction-Free Pain Management® was extremely valuable to me as a clinician and as a woman in recovery. Dr. Grinstead has a wealth of knowledge and was very generous in sharing with our organization his workbooks, pamphlets, and tools for supporting the growing population of dually diagnosed pain patients we are seeing in treatment. His live demonstrations utilizing his tools and techniques were invaluable to me as someone who is a visual learner.

Nancy Jarrell, MA, LPC
Assistant Clinical Director Sierra Tucson Treatment Center (2008)

"This course will greatly enhance my skills to work with my clients who have pain management issues and are dealing with misuse of medication."

Norma Cordero, Behavioral Health Manager – CARES, Sacramento, CA

"This Addiction-Free Pain Management® (APM) Certification training addresses and offers an alternative and much needed option for using a highly effective format to support recovery in individuals suffering from chronic pain and substance abuse conditions. This is a sane and effective method of supporting recovery of all addictions."

Delores H. Odell, LMFT, CADC-II, Supervisor – Odell Counseling Associates, Lone Pin, CA

"This Addiction-Free Pain Management® (APM) Certification training is a superb insightful and experiential process to enhance and advance clinicians in dual disorders of pain and addiction. It is in my opinion highly required for anyone in the field of mental health who intends to specialize in pain and/or addiction."

Frank Cardona, Ph. D., LAS – Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehab, Prematige, TN

"This APM system should be part of every addiction program. Dr. Grinstead presented clearly. There was a lot to absorb. It is a fresh new way of looking at recovery and can also be applied to people in recovery without chronic pain."

Marian W. Calcher, LCSW, President - Valley Forge Medical Center & Hospital

"I came into this 3 day APM Certification course with 16 years of experience. I was amazed by all of the new treatments available. Finally, the simple understanding of the problems and solutions were made simple. I highly recommend it."

Janice Rizzo, LCSW - Tampa Florida

"Dr. Grinstead presented the APM material to a diverse group of healthcare professionals in a way that was clear and useful to all. The topic, materials, and tools were practical and adaptable for a variety of patient populations. I came away from the training feeling empowered as a clinical care provider to use these tools and concepts to empower my patients. I am excited about completing the Competency Certification work and now feel prepared to do so."

Kathleen M Spitz, LPC - Valley Forge Medical Center & Hospital

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"This 3 day APM Training was excellent in enlightening me on the issues with pain, addiction, and relapse. Dr. Grinstead has formulated a fantastic manual and workbook, to help counselors work with pain patients who are in recovery in a logical, methodical and simplistic manner. The training was insightful, energizing, and made me so aware of the importance of helping this type of patient realize his/her High Risk Situations to prevent relapse. It was a great experience both personally and professionally."

Sharon A. Matthew - Clinical Coordinator, Caron Treatment Centers, Wernersville, PA

"Managing Pain and Coexisting Addictive Disorders is an enormous problem that up until now has not been addressed and certainly not dealt with adequately. This training provides an opportunity to finally address the problem and offer relief to millions of suffering people."

Jeri Stegman, Treatment Coordinator, New Beginnings Doctor's Medical Center

"Dr. Grinstead provides an excellent workshop with a clearly formulated approach and extremely valuable tools to help those who live with chronic pain."

Loretta Sparks, LMFT, ACRPS, CAS, Kaiser Addiction Medicine

"This is a training all professionals in this field should attend bar none!"

William Eckles, Clinical Director - Seafarers Addiction Rehabilitation

"This was an excellent workshop packed full of valuable information about how to manage pain with individuals who have addiction issues. The workshop was fast-packed and utilized helpful visual materials. It provided valuable concrete steps and skills that professionals can utilize in helping their clients."

Kristy Beach-Callebs, LPC, MHSP, Cognitive Behavioral Specialists of the Tri Cities

"This treatment program is needed to bring medicine and mental health together in America. There is hope for the chronic pain population."

Terry Ann Taylor, LCSW - Kaiser Permanente, California

"I received many practical and powerful tools in the APM Certification training that will be very helpful in working with future clients as they work toward improving the quality of their lives.

Bruce H. Corregan, MA, LPC, LCAS, CCS - Insight Human Services, Mt. Airy, NC

"This is the only training I've attended on treating chronic pain that looks at the synergistic symptoms of chronic pain and co-existing addictive disorders and gave me effective tools to utilize with my clients."

Genevieve Brink-Capriola, LCSW, Feather River Family Health Center

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Addiction Treatment Professionals

"This improved my understanding of the pain medication addict. I now feel confident in my ability to be more effective with this population."

Brian O’Shea, Interventionist, Caring Interventions, Jackson, MS

"Dr. Grinstead is very knowledgeable and brings his experience, academic and clinical, to his workshops. The skills I learned are very practical and useful and his model is very insightful. The was an excellent preparation to working with clients with chronic pain."

Michael Carlisle, CADCI, LDN, VA Services, White City Oregon

"I found this Addiction-Free Pain Management® training to be extremely effective. The commitment to excellence and professionalism really stood out. I found all the material to be extremely beneficial and will be able to utilize it in my work."

Jacquelyn Christianson, CD Counselor Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center, Loma Linda CA

"Being new to the field of recovery treatment I was amazed at how Dr. Grinstead guided me in this journey of understanding addiction and pain management. I started with very little knowledge of the subject to gaining a strong understanding of pain and addictive disorders. The clarity of his teaching brought what seemed like a monumental task to my now having an action plan for me to continue in this great field of recovery."

Ron Pearson, Addiction Counselor for Extended Care – Prevention and Recovery Center, Houston, Texas

"The Addiction-Free Pain Management Training was excellent, just excellent. I highly recomend this training to any provider that is working with patients with addictive disorders, pain disorders, or both. I think that we need to better serve our patient population with chronic pain problems while simultaneously reducing the risk of relapse. It is, most likely, the best training that I have ever attended."

Gayle Bowman, MA, LPC, LCADC, ACRPS - Army Substance Abuse Program, Fort Meade, MD

"This APM Certification training offered clear concise information that was presented in a professional yet understanding way. Dr. Grinstead was knowledgeable with all the information presented and was willing to self-disclose--which allowed me to feel more comfortable in the training."

Judy Strouse, CAC, CFAE Interventionist - Private Practice, Baltimore MD

"The APM Certification School is one of the best trainings I've been to. Dr. Grinstead is an experienced pioneer, a great lecturer and clinician. He uses techniques, technology, and personal experiences to express and teach his ideas and present his research. The learning materials are excellent and additional resources are available on site. Anyone who wishes to explore and expand their counseling skills can benefit from this training."

Dorothea Grice, ACRPS - Partners In Recovery; Baltimore MD

"This training was effective for me as a fairly newcomer to the addiction counseling field. Dr. Grinstead's strong foundation in skills training was supported by his obvious commitment to the empowerments of clients and healthcare providers. His hands-on approach gave me increased confidence that I could be more effective and thorough in counseling chronic pain patients.

Juli Langford, Adult Primary Counselor - Bradford Health Services

"The APM Certification School is STATE of THE ART- cutting edge information that will help my clients identify and manage pain related high risk situations.

Alphonzo Grice, CSC-AD, ACRPS - Crossroads

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"I really enjoyed Dr. Grinstead's presentation style. He was flexible and accommodating to the group. He helped provide an atmosphere of support and encouragement.

Steve "Rip" Sawyer Detox Counselor - Serenity Lane

"As an addiction specialist I learned to expand my skill levels and left with tools to use immediately with my dual diagnosis clientele. Thank you!" Jacqui Davis, MS, NADC-II - Options of Southern Oregon, Grants Pass OR

"Addiction Free Pain Management is an excellent tool for the treatment of both addictive disorders and chronic pain. I recommend this course for any professional in either the medical or addiction treatment fields."

Lance Hampton, CADC-II, Changing Echoes Treatment Program, Angles Camp, CA

"The APM Workshop provided information and skills training as well as motivated me to implement this material in a new treatment nature."

RR (Rick) Colbert - Counselor, Shreveport, Louisiana

"Great training! The pace of the training was comfortable. The information was exciting and relevant in the treatment of patients with addiction and pain. Causes you to think outside the box."

Rich Sockwriter - Executive Director Rehab After Work, Marlton, PA

"This 3 day APM Certification school was extremely helpful as I work with many clients who struggle with dual addictions (including chronic pain). Dr. Grinstead is a knowledgeable and personable presenter. I intend to complete the APM Certification and know it will be a valuable tool for my profession.

Kathleen DeBoise, CADC-II, MPH - Genesis, Central Point, OR

"I made a major shift from the extreme position of being anti-medication in recovery to moving to the middle where I recognize that medication is a critical tool when used appropriately. This training also gave me additional concrete tools to help my patients. My training is to go into depth with my patients, and yet, with many patients who are here briefly I do not have that option. This training provided me with a focus that gives me something very important to do so I feel satisfied that we offer the best treatment. This will be very valuable for our patients."

Dee Gussoni, Counselor - Valley Forge Medical Center & Hospital

"Very valuable training (APM 3 day Certification). I have been in the drug alcohol field for 20 years and have never completely felt that I could help pain clients with sobriety and recovery concerns. I now feel I will be able to better help my clients."

Debbie Lawton, CADC-II - Program Manager for Ontrack, Grants Pass OR

"I received many practical and powerful tools in the APM Certification training that will be very helpful in working with future clients as they work toward improving the quality of their lives."

Bruce H. Corregan, MA, LPC, LCAS, CCS - Insight Human Services, Mt. Airy, NC

"I strongly recommend this work for anyone in pain management or chemical dependency. I'm looking forward to the certification course using this model. Dr. Grinstead's presentation lives up to the high standards and expectations of the Gorski-Cenaps model."

Bob Tyler, Program Administer, Twin Town Treatment Centers & President of the California

Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC)

"As someone who is in recovery from drugs and alcohol for 17 years, and also in chronic pain for 16 years, I see this information as not only wonderful, but necessary. I was lucky to have been part of a pain clinic that was well rounded in biopsychosoical aspects, but it did not incorporate recovery from addiction along with it. I believe that a program based in all these aspects, like APM, will be a huge help to the many patients in need of this type of help."

Tom Hudson, Lead Security Officer - Valley Forge Medical Center & Hospital

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