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We Are Here To Help with Chronic Pain Management

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Dr. Grinstead has helped thousands of individuals to end suffering associated with chronic pain.

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Welcome to Freedom From Suffering NOW! We offer a number of resources that we hope you will find valuable on your journey to end any suffering you may be experiencing in your life at this time. Our mission is to end suffering one person at a time. Read More to learn all the resources available.
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There is HOPE! We are dedicated to easing pain and suffering for those living with chronic pain, as well as addiction and mental health problems.

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Dive in and get the Support You Need NOW. Connect with others in person or through webinars that share your journey. Here you will find Dr. Grinstead’s schedule of professional skills trainings and personal development workshops, in person or through Webinars and Tele-Seminars.

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Knowledge is Power. Dr. Grinstead has created a path for you to learn how to End Suffering and Live Life again. Peruse our extensive library of Publications - Books, Workbooks and Modules, as well as E-Books and Audio products.

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Welcome to Freedom From Suffering with Dr. Grinstead

Freedom From Suffering with Dr. Grinstead

Thank you for visiting our site – Freedom from Suffering NOW. I hope that you find the resources and motivation you need to break through whatever challenges prevent you from living your life to the fullest. My personal history and that of my clients have shown me that we can rise above the obstacles in our path by honoring our experience, identifying our self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, and learning how to navigate through life in a way fulfills our purpose and promise and gives us hope. I am committed to helping people Thrive, not just survive.


Our Areas of Expertise

Dr. Grinstead’s Latest BLOG Posts 

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Addiction-Free Pain Management®
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Addiction-Free Pain Management®

During the course of my training and consultation work with almost twenty thousand healthcare professionals and therapists at more than 200 training seminars in key cities across the United States and Canada, I have consistently heard how challenging it is for clinicians and treatment programs to help patients manage a chronic pain condition. The Addiction-Free Pain Management® Treatment System addresses these challenges and increases positive treatment out comes for healthcare facilities and clinicians looking for an effective methodology to incorporate into their current program curriculum.


Attention Healthcare Professionals

Our mission is simple- Freedom from Suffering NOW.

Training Services for Health Professionals

In 1996 Dr. Grinstead began offering training services that were based upon his clinical experience and research in pain management and coexisting disorders including addiction. His personal mission is to not only end suffering, but to teach professionals how to help others. You can discover what thousands of others have done though Dr. Grinstead’s work - how to make use of the effective treatment interventions for chronic pain, mental health or prescription drug abuse or addiction.

Let’s collaborate and support the people we work with to Thrive, not just survive.

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 Welcome to Freedom From Suffering NOW! Are you ready to be Free from Chronic Pain NOW! We offer a number of resources that we hope you will find valuable on your journey to end your Chronic Pain and suffering!